About the Artist

Patricia Vélez Cardozo’s work explores deep emotional states and distant memories, blending the architecture of cities with iconographic elements from religious settings to create paintings tinged with the history and nostalgia of her many lives lived across the globe. While the methodical arrays of bands and stripes in Cardozo’s compositions evoke the lines and grids of an iconic master, Agnes Martin, her explorations of space through architectural forms and bold color recall contemporaries like Gordon Matta-Clark and Ralph Humphrey.

Layers of pattern and texture, designed with sand and gesso, create a rugged terrain for the bold hues and metallics of her work; a relationship that an image can hardly capture.  They come together to form her artistic language and to recount the colors and geometry of places within the artist’s memory, including those imaged from treasure tales she heard during her childhood in Colombia.

Patricia Vélez Cardozo lives and works in Los Angeles, CA. She studied architectural design and art history at the University of Laussane and Accademia di Belle Arti in Rome, respectively. Before leaving the gallery scene to focus on her own creative ambition, Cardozo spent 20 years working at the Elkon and Bykert galleries in New York. She formed part of the loose-knit network of creatives that thrived there in the 70’s.

For all inquiries please contact: pvcpaticlem@gmail.com

Los Angeles, CA